Avaya Conference Phone B199 700514246 Audio Conferencing Solution

Features Of  Avaya B199 700514246 Conference Phone 

Avaya IX? Conference Phone B199
Part Number:700514246
Conference/split/hold/private, call waiting, local five-way conferencing, calling line ID
4.3?, 480?800, capacitive touch screen

Platform Support
Avaya Aura?
Avaya IP Office
Avaya Approved Third Party Platforms

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Description Of Avaya B199 700514246 Conference Phone

Avaya IX? Conference Phone B199

The simple and powerful conferencing solution that brings crystal clear sound and one-touch meeting entry to conference rooms of all sizes

Features and Benefits
Crystal Clear Sound: OmniSound? audio technology guarantees clear transmission during meetings, so you and your team don’t? miss any part of the discussion. Full Duplex transmits and receives sound simultaneously to prevent audio clipping; 360? surround sound and powerful speakers optimize audio pick-up and broadcasting. Noise suppression filters cut static background noise and an equalizer lets you adjust pitch to suit your preference.

Award-winning design:
The Avaya IX? Conference Avaya B199 700514246 Conference Phone received the coveted Red Dot Award for its product design. Offering remarkable flexibility to suit any conferencing audio needs, it delivers a breakthrough intuitive interface, can be daisy-chained with three devices, and also provides several options for easy device management and auto-provisioning.

Improved and personal user experience within the conference room
The Avaya? Conference Assistant App provides an easy way to control the conference phone, right at the tip of your fingers using your mobile device ? tablet or smartphone. There is no need to reach over to the conference phone and scheduled conference calls can be joined as easily as a single touch. Your mobile device becomes a natural extension of your Avaya B199 700514246 Conference Phone

  • Join the scheduled call with one-touch
  • Use your personal contact and call history list
  • Create your frequent used conference groups
  • Sit relaxed in the chair with full control of the conference call within your hand
  • Run Avaya? Conference Assistant on Avaya Vantage, the personal smartphone or on a dedicated conference room tablet

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