Fiber Patch Cords

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CommScope FDC-W8-FAT-AE3-NN-0-NN-72 Fiber Distribution Terminal(760252620 )

FDC Fiber access terminal for aerial applications, 3 mm / 3x2 mm drop cable rubber sealing, no Adapters, 72 fusion splices

CommScope FEWSCSC42 Singlemode SC to SC Fiber Patch Cord

Description Of  FEWSCSC42

The CommScope FEWSCSC42 is a single mode SC to SC fiber patch cord with a 1.6mm duplex riser jacket. It is ideal for use in high-performance networking applications, such as data centers, enterprise networks, and telecommunications networks. Singlemode SC/UPC to SC/UPC, Fiber Patch Cord, 1.6 mm Duplex, Riser

FAWLCUC01 – Single mode Fiber Pigtail, LC/UPC to Unconnectorized, 900µm

TeraSPEED® LC/UPC to Unconnectorized, Fiber Pigtail, 0.9 mm Tight Buffer Configure Product Variants

FDWL3L342 High-Performance Fiber Jumper for Data Center

FDWL3L342 Fiber Jumper Description The FDWL3L342 is a high-performance fiber jumper designed for data center and enterprise networks. It features

FDWLCLC42 – CommScope SYSTIMAX Singlemode LC-LC Plenum Fiber Patch Cord

FDWLCLC42-SYSTIMAX Singlemode CommScope Description

The FDWLCLC42 is a singlemode LC-LC fiber patch cord from CommScope SYSTIMAX. It is designed for use in plenum spaces and has a yellow jacket. The FDWLCLC42 is available in a variety of lengths, from 1 to 61 meters. Singlemode LC/UPC to LC/UPC, Fiber Patch Cord, 1.6 mm Duplex, Plenum Find more details from the official site by clicking here