FC-10-R030D-284-02-12 Fortinet

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FC-10-R030D-284-02-12 FortiGate Firefall Description

The Fortinet FC-10-R030D-284-02-12 FortiGate-100F firewall is a powerful security solution for small businesses. It offers a wide range of features to protect your network from threats, including advanced intrusion prevention, firewall filtering, and web filtering.

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Key Features Of FC-10-R030D-284-02-12 FortiGate Firefall

  • Advanced intrusion prevention: The FortiGate-100F firewall uses artificial intelligence to detect and block even the most sophisticated threats.
  • Firewall filtering: The FortiGate-100F firewall can be configured to filter traffic based on IP address, port number, protocol, and other criteria.
  • Web filtering: The FortiGate-100F firewall can be used to block access to malicious websites and other undesirable content.
  • VPN support: The FortiGate-100F firewall supports a variety of VPN protocols, including IPSec, SSL VPN, and IKEv2.
  • Easy to manage: The FortiGate-100F firewall is easy to manage through a web-based interface or a command-line interface.

FC-10-R030D-284-02-12 FortiGate


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