FC-10-R030D-131-02-12 FC-10-R030D-131-02-12 Fortinet | High-Performance Firewall

FortiGate Cloud Management, Analysis and 1 Year Log Retention (Rugged Supports Logging only)

FC-10-R030D-131-02-12 Firewall Fortinet  Description

The FC-10-R030D-131-02-12 Firewall Fortinet is a high-performance firewall that can protect your network from a variety of threats. It features a powerful processor, a large amount of memory, and a variety of security features.

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Key features of FC-10-R030D-131-02-12 Fortinet

  • High-performance firewall
  • Powerful processor
  • Large amount of memory
  • Variety of security features

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