Aruba Instant On 1830 48G 24p Class4 PoE 4SFP 370W Switch (JL815A) High-Performance Networking Solution

Aruba Instant On 1830 48G 24p 4SFP 370W JL815A Switch

Aruba Instant On 1830 48G 24p 4SFP 370W JL815A Switch is a versatile networking solution designed for businesses seeking high performance, class 4 Power over Ethernet, and exceptional reliability. The Aruba Instant On 1830 switch delivers high-speed connectivity with 48 Gigabit Ethernet ports and 4 SFP uplink ports, ensuring smooth data flow


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Aruba Instant On 1830 Switch Series
Gigabit Copper Ports : 24; Class 4 (ports 1 -12)
Uplinks : 2 SFP 1GbE ports
Dimensions : 253.0(D) x 443.0(W) x 43.9(H) mm
Weight : 7.65 lb (3.47 kg)
Throughput (Mpps) : 38.68 Mpps
Switching capacity : 52 Gbps
Reliability MTBF (years) : 96.6
Maximum power rating : 100-127V: 244.6W, 200-220V: 237.2W


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Power over Ethernet (PoE) support

The 1830 Switch Series is ready for deployment in 8, 24, and 48 ports for non-PoE and Class 4 PoE models. Up to 30W PoE power delivery is available for Class 4 PoE devices. With PoE and non-PoE ports supported in the same PoE model, these switches are ideal for the most cost-effective environments.

Flexible management options

Easily deploy and manage 1830 switches with two management modes – Instant On-Cloud Management (accessible via mobile app and/or web portal) or local web GUI.

Integrated security features

Prevent unauthorized access and protect your business data with advanced security features like VLANs, automatic denial-of-service protection, global storm control, TPM (Trusted Platform Module)-based security, and more.

Optimal energy efficiency

Lower operational costs and reduce your environmental footprint with 1830 switches. Energy Efficient Ethernet (IEEE 802.3az), automatic port power-off, energy-efficient cooling support, and fanless design all help maintain operating temperatures and reduce excessive noise and power consumption.

SFP fiber connectivity

Two (2) and four (4) dedicated 1G SFP fiber ports on 24- and 48-port models, respectively, eliminate traffic bottlenecks in your network. Fiber connectivity provides higher uplink bandwidth and performance over longer distances than copper cabling can support.

PoE powered device (PD) enabled

Simplify deployments in hard-to-wire areas with the PD-powered 8-port non-PoE model that can be powered by an external PoE switch or injector, offering greater flexibility for space-constrained environments , since no additional sockets are required and wiring.