Infinium M4/HDFP 1U Fiber Patch Panel Within Floor Box – Organize and Manage Your Fiber Cables

Infinium M4/HDFP 1U Fiber Patch Panel Overview

Infinium M4/HDFP 1U Fiber Patch Panel Legrand® raised floor patch panels allow data center managers and designers to take advantage of under-utilized installation space beneath the raised floor structure, providing greater flexibility in structured cabling design and maximizing usage of premium data center floor space.

Specifically designed to be installed in raised floor enclosures that are part of the cabling pathways, the raised floor fiber patch panels address the special bend radius and depth requirements of fiber optic cabling systems.
The raised floor patch panel is also often used with the Mighty Mo® overhead rack, found on page 136. The Mighty Mo overhead cable pathway racks provide cable management and an innovative mounting method for 19 in rack mount copper and fiber panels and enclosures. The overhead pathway racks allow horizontal connectivity to be supported by the overhead pathway, freeing up valuable rack or cabinet space below.

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Features Of Infinium M4/HDFP 1U Fiber Patch Panel

  • Fiber patch panel for underfloor or overhead installation: Allows data center manager to take advantage of under-utilized space beneath raised floor or overhead
  • 19 in W, 1-unit or 2-unit high models available: Provides the flexibility to suit any installation
  • Designed for installation within 2 ft x 2ft underfloor box with angled mounting rails: Horizontal patch panel orientation
  • Removable/reusable labeling cards: Convenient and accurate cabling administration and record keeping that is easily removed to provide rear patching access
  • Infinium M4/HDFP 1U Fiber Patch Panel


General Info
Product Line Ortronics
UPC Number 662875838869
Country Of Origin United States
Product Width US 19.0 in
Product Height US 1.75 in