Infinium acclAIM Fiber Trunk Assembly, Plenum, MM OM4, 24 Fiber polarity C, 30 Meter

Description Of Fiber Trunk Assembly MM OM4 24 Fiber

acclAIM has redefined fiber architecture, replacing cassette-based solutions with direct connections, which eliminates extra components, and cost. acclAIM delivers the lowest insertion loss available on the market, the most optical headroom, improved density, flexibility and system lifecycle. The acclAIM™ Alignment Independent Multifiber (AIM) fiber interconnect system is designed to mate multiples of 8- Fiber Trunk Assembly MM OM4 24 cable connectors directly to arrays of twin-fiber patch cord connectors by means of a “conversion adapter”. High-Performance Fiber Trunk Assembly MM OM4 24 Fiber, a plenum-rated solution featuring Multimode OM4 fiber technology. This assembly ensures efficient and reliable data transmission, making it an ideal choice for modern networking environments. Experience enhanced connectivity with precision-engineered components designed to meet the demands of high-speed data applications.

Fiber Trunk Assembly MM OM4 24 Fiber


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Features Of  Fiber Trunk Assembly MM OM4 24 Fiber

  • Minimize Loss – Maximize Optical Headroom: Lowest loss pre-term Solution, Minimize or eliminate need for splicing, Maximize optical headroom to overcome barriers to performance
  • Design Smarter – Longer Lifecycle: Simplicity of design combined with application-defined on-site polarity adjustment, fewer components, and near-lossless performance enables acclAIM to provide a multi-generational lifecycle with a single installation of a sustainable building asset for decades to come
  • Ultra-High Density Plus (UHD+): Make the most of each rack unit (RU) with UHD+ offering up to 192 fibers per RU (33% more than High Density)
  • Simplify Connectivity: No gender considerations – no pins, just direct connections; Direct-Mating Breakout – acclAIM connectors mate directly to an array of 2-fiber MDC duplex patch cords; Application-Defined Polarity – polarity can be adapted to nearly any link configuration; preplanned, on-site, or on the fly with no options to determine when ordering or designing; Improved accessibility – with the increased density of each connector and a smaller footprint enabled by acclAIM, there is more room to work on each panel


General Info
Product Line Ortronics
Country Of Origin United States
Cable Length 30 m