FFWLCSC42 High-Performance Fiber Patch Cord for Demanding Applications

Singlemode LC/UPC to SC/UPC, Fiber Patch Cord, 1.6 mm Duplex, Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH)

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FFWLCSC42 Fiber Patch Cord Description

The FFWLCSC42 is a high-performance fiber patch cord designed for demanding applications such as data centers, high-performance computing, and telecommunications. It features LC/UPC connectors on both ends and a TeraSPEED OS2 fiber core for maximum performance and reliability.

FFWLCSC42 Fiber Patch Cord Features

  • Low insertion loss and back reflection
  • High bandwidth and data rates
  • Ruggedized construction for durability
  • Low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) jacket for safety
  • Yellow jacket for easy identification

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Product Classification

Regional Availability Asia | Australia/New Zealand | Europe | Latin America | Middle East/Africa | North America
Portfolio CommScope®
Product Type Fiber patch cord, duplex
Product Brand SYSTIMAX InstaPATCH® 360
Ordering Note For lengths greater than 999 ft (304 m), orders must be in meters | Minimum length may vary based on cable configuration

General Specifications

Connector A, quantity 2
Color, boot A Blue
Color, connector A Blue
Connector B, quantity 2
Color, boot B Blue
Color, connector B Blue
Interface, Connector A LC/UPC
Interface, Connector B SC/UPC
Jacket Color Yellow
Polarity Method B
Total Fibers, quantity 2


Cable Assembly Length Range (m) 1 – 61
Cable Assembly Length Range (ft) 2 – 200
Diameter Over Jacket 1.6 mm | 0.063 in

Ordering Tree

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Mechanical Specifications

Cable Retention Strength, maximum 11.24 lb @ 0 ° | 4.40 lb @ 90 °

Optical Specifications

Fiber Mode Singlemode
Fiber Type G.652.D | G.657.A1, TeraSPEED®

Environmental Specifications

Operating Temperature -10 °C to +60 °C (+14 °F to +140 °F)
Environmental Space Dual Rated LSZH/Riser

Regulatory Compliance/Certifications

Agency Classification
ISO 9001:2015 33108 logo iso 9001 2015 jpg Essential Solutions Communications Est. Designed, manufactured and/or distributed under this quality management system
ROHS Compliant
CHINA-ROHS 33114 logo rohs china e jpg Essential Solutions Communications Est. Below maximum concentration value
REACH-SVHC Compliant as per SVHC revision on www.commscope.com/ProductCompliance
UK-ROHS Compliant