CAB-STK-E-0.5M: Cisco Flex Stack Plus Stacking Cable (0.5m)

Model: CAB-STK-E-0.5M Cisco 2960-S, 2960-X, 2960-XR Flex Stack Stacking Cable
Detail: Cisco Flex Stack Stacking Cables for Catalyst 2960-S,2960-X, 2960-XR Series CAB-STK-E-0.5M Cisco Blade switch 0.5M

Cisco CAB-STK-E-0 5M Description

CAB-STK-E-0.5M is a Flex Stack-Plus stacking cable with a 0.5 m length. It can be installed in Cisco 2960S, 2960X and 2960XR series switches.

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Cisco CAB-STK-E-0 5M Features

  • 0.5 meter length
  • Cisco FlexStack Plus connector type
  • Compatible with Cisco Catalyst 2960S, 2960X, and 2960XR series switches

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CAB-STK-E-0.5M Specification

Network Cable Type Stacking cable
Length 1.6 ft
Compatibility Information
Designed For Cisco Catalyst 2960-24LC-S, 2960-24LT-L, 2960-24PC-L, 2960-24PC-S, 2960-24-S, 2960-24TC, 2960-24TC-L, 2960-24TC-S, 2960-24TT, 2960-48PST-L, 2960-48PST-S, 2960-48T, 2960-48TC, 2960-48TC-L, 2960-48TC-S, 2960-48TT, 2960-48TT-L, 2960-48TT-S, 2960-8TC, 2960-8TC-S, 2960G-24TC, 2960G-48TC, 2960G-8TC, 2960PD-8TT-L, 2960S-24PD-L, 2960S-24PS-L, 2960S-24TD-L, 2960S-24TS-L, 2960S-24TS-S, 2960S-48FPD-L, 2960S-48FPS-L, 2960S-48LPD-L, 2960S-48LPS-L, 2960S-48TD-L, 2960S-48TS-L, 2960S-48TS-S, Blade Switch 3120G for HP, Blade Switch 3120X for HP, Blade Switch 3130G for Dell M1000e with IP Base, Blade Switch 3130X for Dell M1000e with IP Base, Switch Module 3110G for IBM BladeCenter, Switch Module 3110X for IBM BladeCenter