Cisco C1116-4P: High-Performance 4-Port Integrated Services Router

Model: C1116-4P – Cisco 1000 Series Integrated Services Routers
Detail: ISR 1100 DSL Annex B/J Router

Description of Cisco C1116-4P

The capabilities of the  C1116-4P, a high-performance 4-port integrated services router designed for seamless connectivity. Explore its advanced features, reliability, and efficiency for a superior networking experience



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Features of Cisco C1116-4P

  1. 4-Port Connectivity: Equipped with four ports for versatile and robust network connections.
  2. High Performance: Delivers exceptional performance to meet the demands of modern networking requirements.
  3. Integrated Services: Offers a comprehensive suite of integrated services for enhanced functionality.
  4. Reliability: Built with Cisco’s renowned reliability standards, ensuring a stable and consistent network environment.