Aruba JZ336A – High-Performance Network Access Point

Model: HPE JZ336A – Aruba AP535 Access Point
Detail: Aruba AP-535 (RW) Dual Radio 4×4:4 802.11ax Internal Antennas Unified Campus AP

Description of Aruba JZ336A

JZ336A is the Aruba AP-535 (RW) – Campus – wireless access point. Aruba Wi-Fi 6 access points provide high-performance connectivity for any organization experiencing growing numbers of IoT and mobility requirements. With a maximum real-world aggregate data rate of 2.97 Gbps (HE80/HE20), the 530 Series deliver the speed and reliability needed for any enterprise.


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Product Details of Aruba JZ336A

Figure 2 shows the front panel of JZ336A.

JZ336A front Essential Solutions Communications Est.

Figure 3 shows the back panel of JZ336A.

JZ336A back Essential Solutions Communications Est.

Aruba AP-530 provides these key features:

• 2.97 Gbps maximum real-world speed (HE80/HE20)

• WPA3 and Enhanced Open security

• Built-in technology that resolves sticky client issues for Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 5 devices

• OFDMA and MU-MIMO for enhanced multi-user efficiency

• IoT-ready Bluetooth 5 and Zigbee support

JZ336A Specification

JZ336A Specification

Series Aruba AP-535
AP type Indoor, dual radio, 5GHz and 2.4GHz 802.11ax

4×4 MIMO

5GHz radio Four spatial stream Single User (SU) MIMO for up to 2.4Gbps wireless data rate with individual 4SS

HE80 (or 2SS HE160) 802.11ax client devices, or with four

1SS or two 2SS HE80 802.11ax MU-MIMO capable client

devices simultaneously

2.4GHz radio Four spatial stream Single User (SU) MIMO for up to 1,147Mbps (574Mbps) wireless data rate with

individual 4SS HE40 (HE20) 802.11ax client devices or with

two 2SS HE40 (HE20) 802.11ax MU-MIMO capable client

devices simultaneously

Antenna 4 integrated dual-band downtilt omnidirectional antennas for 4×4 MIMO with peak antenna

gain of 3.5dBi in 2.4GHz and 5.4dBi in 5GHz.

Supported data rates (Mbps) – 802.11b: 1, 2, 5.5, 11

– 802.11a/g: 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, 54

– 802.11n: 6.5 to 600 (MCS0 to MCS31, HT20 to HT40), 800 with 256-QAM

– 802.11ac: 6.5 to 1,733 (MCS0 to MCS9, NSS = 1 to 4, VHT20 to VHT160), 2,166 with 1024-QAM

– 802.11ax (2.4GHz): 3.6 to 1,147 (MCS0 to MCS11, NSS = 1 to 4, HE20 to HE40)

– 802.11ax (5GHz): 3.6 to 2,402 (MCS0 to MCS11, NSS = 1 to 4, HE20 to HE160)

Dimensions AP-535; unit, excluding mount bracket:  240mm (W) x 240mm (D) x 57mm (H) / 9.4” (W) x 9.4” (D) x 2.2” (H)
Certifications • UL2043 plenum rating

• Wi-Fi Alliance:

– Wi-Fi CERTIFIED a, b, g, n, ac

– Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6 (ax)

– WPA, WPA2 and WPA3 – Enterprise with CNSA option, Personal (SAE), Enhanced Open ( OWE)

– WMM, WMM-PS, Wi-Fi Vantage, W-Fi Agile Multiband

– Passpoint (release 2)

• Bluetooth SIG